June Newsletter & Schedule 
Greetings Summer Dancers!
It’s time to sign up for the July series!  We are happy to see so many of you taking advantage of the online discount, so we’re sending the July newsletter out a week earlier than usual to help give you more time to take advantage of it this coming session.
What’s new in July?  Other than being closed the first week for studio improvements (more on that later!), we have a couple new things to announce!
1. West Coast Swing!  Weekly classes and an open dance every Sunday!  7:30 is for beginners, 8:30 for intermediate dancers, and 9:30 is for everyone!  The dance is free for students who attended class that evening, and $5 for the gen

eral public. Cameron will play music untilmidnight!  Who says the weekend ends on Sunday?
West Coast Swing Sundays begin July 7th 🙂
2. Charleston!  In lieu of Vintage Swing 4 on Thursdays @6:45, Meliss
a wil be offering Charleston!  This class is designed for folks with some know
ledge of Charleston, but no proficiency is required.
3. Studio Improvement day!  It’s always a party when the paint brushes, hammers, and scaffolding come out!  Pizza, drinks, snacks…it’s fun!  What are we doing?  Touch up paint, hanging more lights, and (at long last) ceiling mounted sound panels.  Woot! Woot!  Wednesday July 3rd from 12n-midnight (if I last that long). Come on down! (impromptu dancing guaranteed).
We sincerely hope you to see you at any or all of these events!
Sarah Riddle
owner – The Viscount Dance Studio
*We will be closed the week of July 4th for studio improvements and holiday!SATURDAY 7/6-279:00-10:00a Zumba (all levels) w/Hannah
10:00-11:00p Afro-Brazilian Samba (all levels) w/Beto


2:15-5:15p 7/6 Salsa Social ($5 = dance + lesson)
4:30-5:30p Hip Hop (all levels) w/Selena
5:30-6:30p Beginning Belly Dancing (intro/beg) w/Ziggy
6:30-7:30p Belly Dancing and Beyond (int/adv) w/Ziggy

SUNDAY 7/7-7/281:00-5:00p Tango Practica  ($5 = dance + lesson)
5:15-7:15p 7/7 Bhangra Dance Party ($5 = dance +lesson)
7:30-8:30p WCS 1 (beg) w/Cameron
8:30-9:30p WCS 2 (int) w/CameronMONDAY 7/8-7/2912:00-1:30p Yoga (all levels) w/Lia
5:45-6:45p Partner 101 (all levels) w/Sarah
6:45-7:45p Argentine Tango 1 (intro) w/Carrie
7:45-8:45p Argentine Tango 2 (beg) w/Carrie
8:45-9:45p Argentine Tango 3 (int) w/Carrie

TUESDAY 7/9-7/305:45-6:45p Zumba (all levels) w/Hannah
6:45-7:45p Vintage Swing 1 (intro) w/Melissa
7:45-8:45p Vintage Swing 2 (beg) w/Melissa
8:45-9:45p Vintage Swing 3 (int) w/Melissa

WEDNESDAY 7/10-7/315:45-6:45p Bhangra & Giddha (intro/beg) w/Anjali
6:45-7:45p Salsa 1 (intro) w/Sarah
7:45-8:45p Salsa 2 (beg) w/Sarah
8:45-9:45p  Salsa 3 (int) w/Sarah

THURSDAY 7/11-8/112:00-1:30p Yoga (all levels) w/Lia
5:45-6:45p Balboa Swing (intro/beg) w/Rod & Melissa
6:45-7:45p Charleston (int) w/Melissa
7:45-8:45p Cha Cha Cha (int) w/Sarah
8:45-9:45p Salsa 4 (adv) w/Sarah

FRIDAY 7/12-8/27:30-10:30 7/19 Swing Social ($5 = dance + lesson)
7:30-10:30 7/5 No Zydeco Social this month – it’s Blues Fest @ The Waterfront!


The Viscount Dance Studio
720 SE Sandy Blvd, Portland, 97214