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Yes Gorgedance is a dance calendar, but it is also a community events calendar for anything that provides music or dance to the public. That means fairs, festivals, open mikes, DJ’d event, bands, and dance lessons, etc….

This is a do it yourself advertising system. Many people coming to the gorge come and go and fail to find the events that would be meaningful to them. By advertising right beside your competitors you show both locals and visitors how rich the community is. Lets grow “Co-Munity”.

Springhouse Cellars / The Ruins

Springhouse Cellars / The Ruins: Live Music, Solstice Wood Fired Pizza, Four & Twenty Blackbirds Food Truck, Springhouse Wines, Local Beers.  The floor has gotten better this year with a rubber tile surface that works.  Doors at 5pm, Music begins 6ish and ends 9ish.  No Cover

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The Waucoma Club

The Waucoma Club has a posted calender and plays a wide variety of gigs and every Wednesday Kevin Self hosts a blues open mic that is sizzling.  They serve a good menu.  All events are free.  The dance floor is smooth finished wood which is ideal for dancing.

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