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Yes Gorgedance is a dance calendar, but it is also a community events calendar for anything that provides music or dance to the public. That means fairs, festivals, open mikes, DJ’d event, bands, and dance lessons, etc….

This is a do it yourself advertising system. Many people coming to the gorge come and go and fail to find the events that would be meaningful to them. By advertising right beside your competitors you show both locals and visitors how rich the community is. Lets grow “Co-Munity”.

CGOA’s “The Last Chance Dance”

CGOA’s “The Last Chance Dance” With the Jazz Collective Big Band Summer’s winding down, so in celebration of the season’s end, the CGOA Jazz Collective Big Band invites audiences to enjoy an evening of tuneful swing and jazz at the LAST CHANCE DANCE. The event is Saturday, September 28 at 7:30 PM at the Hood River Elks Lodge. This is [...]

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The Viscount July 2013 Schedule & Newsletter

June Newsletter & Schedule  Greetings Summer Dancers! It's time to sign up for the July series!  We are happy to see so many of you taking advantage of the online discount, so we're sending the July newsletter out a week earlier than usual to help give you more time to take advantage of it this coming session. What's new in July? [...]

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This is your chance to get out the word.

One simple place to talk up your event.  Gorge Dance Blog.   If you have a lesson, a band, or a good vibe here is the place to get everyone on step with you.  If you want to make sure your friends don't miss your event put it here.  Thanks for making our house your house!

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