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Yes Gorgedance is a dance calendar, but it is also a community events calendar for anything that provides music or dance to the public. That means fairs, festivals, open mikes, DJ’d event, bands, and dance lessons, etc….

This is a do it yourself advertising system. Many people coming to the gorge come and go and fail to find the events that would be meaningful to them. By advertising right beside your competitors you show both locals and visitors how rich the community is. Lets grow “Co-Munity”.

Exercise and Relaxation

  This should be a very interesting topic since my personal opinion about dance is that it is good exercise, and greatly reduces stress despite the fact that it takes time.  I try to never sit down.  With a few more leads maybe we could get everybody a Richard Simmons grade workout. Dancing Discoveries Author: Michael Mecham According to the [...]

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Social Dance Etiquette

In an attempt to support a high functioning dance community that displays the best of humanity I searched around and found this excerpt from the American Dancer. It should serve as a good starting article and provide a topic for discussion. Please comment. No one, including myself, "sees the whole elephant". Socially Yours: Social Dance Etiquette Author: Jean Krupa Social [...]

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