Local Bands / Comparison Sheet

Barlow RoadBarlow Road is the music machine where Matthew G. Mesa crafts songs reflecting everything about the landscape and its two-legged inhabitants. With guitar in hand and harmonicas close by, he weaves tales about love, life, asphalt, dirt, and everything else we get on ourselves.  Moe Dixon, Kerry Williams

Less Vaughn and The Fender Benders: Less Vaughn and the Fenders.

The Lighters: A mixture of blusy jazzy original music.  Members: Malcolm Brown, bass; Eddie Corduroy, guitar; José Maya, drums, Jon Cyparski, Tenor Sax

One Hum: Richard & Tova Tillinghast, and Jason Russ play stunningly rich folk music:

Richard Wilkins Blues Band specializes in bringing traditional blues and dance music to the Northwest. With years of experience Richard brings his hot saxophone touch to  blues standards by Jimmy Reed, Little Walter, Elmore James, etc.

The Shed ShakersThey showcase a unique blend of original progressive bluegrass. They back up the ethereal to the hard hitting with plenty of rich harmonies and the melodic tones of the mandolin, banjo, guitar, dobro, and upright bass.  Matt Farmer,Keel Brightman, Andrew McWilliams, Luke Maddux , Rachel Marie


Tess Bar Blues 

Traveling Bands

Kevin Selfe has been electrifying audiences nationwide since breaking into the blues scene in 2006.    His growing stature as a captivating story teller and passionate performer are surpassed only by his deft mastery of blues guitar.

Send your band’s information to gorgedance@gmail.com and tell me what page you want it on. Yes, Gorgedance is a dance calendar, but it is also a community events calendar for anything that provides music or dance to the public. That means fairs, festivals, open mikes, DJ’d events, bands, and dance lessons, etc…. This is a do it yourself advertising system. You will have the opportunity to share with both locals and tourists, your exciting additions to the local culture.